The World's Most Accessible Meditation Framework


What is Hovering?


Hovering is a meditation technique.

It has been designed to be easy to understand, simple to practice, as well as remain acessible to people of all ages.

Unlike traditional meditation, Hovering aims to be highly concrete as opposed to highly abstract so you can have that 'ah-ha' moment of clarity a lot sooner, rather than later.

Because chances are that you may have meditated in the past and you may not have understood exactly what it was you did, let alone what the point of it all was.

Well, Hovering aims to bridge that gap.

What is Meditation?

Meditation is a type of practice which aims to help you remain consistently balanced.

Consistent balance is important because it is what will allow you to easily overcome things like anxiety, depression and addiction without continually struggling.

Put simply, it's impossible to both engage in self-harm and remain balanced at the same time.

Of course, if you're not sleeping consistently, eating healthily or engaging in active self-improvement, then no amount of meditation will help you achieve consistent balance.

Meditation is simply a tool to help you get there.

As someone who used to have severe depression and who suffers from bipolar disorder, meditation is easily what made the biggest difference to my mental health.

I was eating Paleo, taking cold showers everyday, exercising frequently, actively pursuing my ambitions - literally for years - yet none of this made any difference to my mental health.

It was only once I begun meditating that the fog began to clear and I could finally rest easy.

How to Hover

You simply hover your cursor over the button.

And relax.


Well. Not exactly.

There's actually quite a lot more to the process if you hope to practice it effectively.

For example, it's important that you leave your hand connected to your mouse/touchpad while you hover, as well as observe the cursor while you do it.

The Hovering process is covered in much more depth in the conveniently named How to Hover section.

Why Hover?

Why I created Hovering

My name is Julius Reade and I run NeverFap Deluxe, a website to help those suffering from porn addiction.

The website maintains a strong focus on using awareness and meditation in order to help people develop control over their minds.

While I believe these solutions are still the best tools we have in terms of helping people overcome their porn addiction, I’ve also become aware of many of the limitations of how these approaches are currently being taught.

Especially for today’s generation of young people who struggle to adopt these ideas, as well as based on my own personal experience as a once-young person.

I mean, I didn't start understanding meditation until I was 25, and looking back there was no possible way 16-year-old me could have ever understood something as vague as how to "observe your senses".

In addition, I'm finding that a lot of people are already struggling with the fundamentals as is, such as keeping their minds still for even a short period of time.

Which makes something like traditional meditation almost impossible, which is why we need intermediate solutions in place to assist those already heavily struggling with their mental health.

Hovering aims to be that solution.

Try Hovering!

If you'd like to try Hovering, I've created a feature-complete web app which is a great way to start practicing.

In contains simple-to-follow instructions and I personally recommend dedicating 10 minutes each day to Hovering.

There is also a Hovering App available for Android devices.

Web App