About Hovering

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Hovering is a meditation technique which aims to assist people who struggle with traditional meditation, as well as those who struggle with their mental health in general.

Hovering was created as part of NeverFap Deluxe, a website I created to help people suffering from porn addiction.

Hovering has been designed to be easy to understand, simple to practice, as well as remain acessible to people of all ages.


You know when something mentally clicks and it finally makes sense for the first time, and it just changes the way you fundamentally think about things?

Well, that’s ultimately what meditation aims to achieve for your mental health.

It aims to expose a level of clarity that allows you to finally be truly free with your mind, and once meditation finally clicked for me, it completely life-changing.

The only problem is that it took a very long time for meditation to click for me, which I consider to be a huge problem.

And really, I was one of the lucky ones.

What happens for most people is that they meditate for a bit, it doesn’t click, and then they put it off for years thinking it’s a completely pointless practice.

Certainly, I don’t blame them. Because I was one of those people who tried it and thought it was pointless too.

Regardless, it’s a problem I want to address in a meaningful way which is why I created Hovering.

Hovering aims to provide people with an intuitive way to practice and think about meditation, that isn’t completely abstract and that doesn’t feel pointless from the outset.

Which is especially helpful for teenagers and children who struggle to sit still for even a moment.