Hovering Vs Meditation

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Hovering is a form of Meditation

Hovering itself is a form of meditation.

So really this article what we will be comparing the technique of hovering against traditional meditation.

For those unaware, traditional meditation usually involves sitting silently in a room with your eyes closed, as you learn to observe your senses.

It is a perfectly valid way to meditate and if you would like to learn more I highly recommend that you read this article which explains the technique in more detail.

What is Observation?

The problem with traditional meditation is that a lot of people struggle with this idea of “observation”.

Not only because it’s a relatively abstract idea, but also because people simply don’t know how to observe.

Which sounds silly, but is actually a key reason why people suffer from mental illness and addiction.

Because they’re unable to truly observe themselves and remain consciously aware of their behaviours and actions.

The word “remain” really is key here. While you can be a highly aware individual, if you’re unable to remain aware then that’s when you can find yourself acting against your best interests.

Where instead of consciously directing your mind, you’re instead going into auto-pilot and instead engage with self-destructive behaviours such as over-eating or whatever it is you struggle with.

And in order for us to understand why we lose awareness, it can help to understand what it is most of us are doing instead of practicing observation:


Struggling with Thought

The entire point of observation is to help us Like, what does it actually mean to observe your senses?